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Victorian Elements for Custom Homes

Victorian Elements for Custom Homes

Thinking of bringing historic elements into your custom home design? Below are several Victorian elements.

A custom home doesn’t have to be the default design. It is true that Viking Custom Homes has a plethora of beautiful custom floor plans available, but one should remember that a custom home is truly customizable. One way to customize the home’s style is to draw from historical designs. The Victorian elements for custom homes below are just a few ideas.

The Tower vs. The Turret

A Victorian house, that is, a house built between 1837-1901, is not complete without a tower or a turret. Technically, a tower reaches the ground, but a turret starts from the second or third story. A tower or a turret can add uniqueness to any custom home today while adding a cozy nook for dining or reading.

Wrap-Around Porch

The wrap-around porch is a common feature in multiple historic house styles, but does define an older home. Wrap-around porches add a friendly element to the house, inviting guests to hang out on a picturesque afternoon.

Ornate Woodwork

If you see it in a magazine, on Pinterest, or any other place, Viking Custom Homes can bring it to life in your home. Ornate woodwork is a common feature on both the interior and exterior of Victorian homes. With a custom home, anything is possible, granted its structural integrity.


Asymmetry is another Victorian element not uncommon in contemporary architecture already. Anyone looking to put Victorian elements in a custom home can work with Viking Custom Homes to achieve a balanced look.

High Ceilings

As for the interior, a Victorian house is known for its high ceilings. Anyone can benefit from having at least one room with a high ceiling, as it promotes an airy feeling and more natural sunlight.

Grand Staircase

Victorian elements for custom homes include ornate millwork, and the grand staircase is the most prominent piece of them all, aside from the fireplace, of course. It can be straight or curved, heavy or simple.


Older homes used to have closed floor plans, and any Victorian floor plan you look at will show how closed it was. Today, one can incorporate Victorian elements into a home without compromising on an open floor plan. However, if one wishes, adding nooks could add character.

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