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Benefits of High Ceilings

Benefits of High Ceilings

When designing a custom home, see why a high ceiling can majorly benefit your life.

Homeowners looking for a new house may ask whether or not to buy one with at least one room with a high ceiling. High ceilings do have their drawbacks, such as heating and maintenance, but apart from those issues, they have loads of benefits. A high ceiling is a huge advantage for any home for the following reasons.

Improved Creativity and Problem Solving

High ceilings don’t just give people a sense of luxury; they actually change how people feel and think for the better. Research over the years has shown that a high ceiling, despite a lack of sunlight, improved participants’ creativity. A person can think more abstractly and has a greater sense of freedom as opposed to confinement. In turn, higher ceilings also encouraged problem-solving skills. Dwelling in a room with a lot of headspace gives anyone a sense of openness and freer thinking.


If anything, lots of air above one’s head helps one breathe easier. A high-ceilinged room avoids claustrophobia altogether, working with the other mental benefits to create an airy feeling in an interior space. If a musician lives in the house, a high ceiling can improve the acoustics. For this reason, this room can be a great place to entertain.

More Sunlight

While sunlight isn’t necessary to reap the benefits of high ceilings, they do make it possible to have more windows. The more windows, the closer to nature one can be. Sunlight pouring into the room provides added mental and physical health benefits, like lower blood pressure and higher vitamin D levels. 

Space to Decorate

Not every wall in your high-ceilinged space can be all windows. However, that gives you another advantage. With the proper know-how, you can lead the eye upward with framed paintings and photos. It’s your chance to unload your box of artwork you don’t have room to put anywhere otherwise.

Keep Cool

While some may have concerns about comfort during the winter, since heat rises, you have the flipside of cool summers in the meantime. What better way to cool off Maryland’s humid months than in an air-conditioned, sunlit room?

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