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Enhancing Your New Custom Home with These Features

Enhancing Your New Custom Home with These Features

The beauty of having a new custom home is that you don’t have to compromise on the enhancements you want.

The pandemic has changed the way that millions of people see their homes. With a surplus of people spending more time at home, there’s a revived interest in comfortable living spaces. In addition, people had a renewed focus on customized offices because many people transitioned to remote work. The beauty of having a new custom home is that you don’t have to compromise on the enhancements you want. Today, we will be sharing tips on what features are essential to enhance your new custom home.

Insulated Roofing

Arguably, every homeowner wants a comfortable temperature in their home during the summer. An insulated roof is one of many ways to achieve that. The United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that, on average, homeowners can save 15% on heating and cooling by insulating the attic. Roof insulation fits the ceiling to act as a barrier between the hot and cold air. In addition, without insulation, moisture from rain or thawing snow can cause mold growth and water damage. An insulated home equals less noise, better air quality, and overall health. 

Windows with Superior Quality 

High-quality windows are durable, and the upkeep is straightforward. Windows provide natural sunlight, warmth, and curb appeal to our homes. Also, airtight windows keep a home’s internal temperature regulated, reducing high energy bills during the winter. Other benefits of windows with superior quality include protecting furniture and floors from fading. In addition, the best windows reflect UV rays and block window treatments from sun damage. 

Outdoor Living Spaces

When you equally invest in your home’s internal and external spaces, it extends your home’s functionality. Decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, bars, and pools are trendy choices that add value to your home. Semi-enclosed spaces are also ideal when the weather becomes slightly colder. 

Double Kitchen Islands 

One kitchen island is beneficial within itself. It can double as a workspace or a food preparation area. However, double kitchen islands are multifunctional. They ensure that you don’t have to compromise how you move around in this space. One kitchen island can serve as a preparation counter, while the other could include a sink, dishwasher, or an extra seating area. 

Under-Cabinet Lights

Any light source is vital in a home because it helps with visibility. It helps to have a light directly over that area when preparing food. However, custom lighting also adds to the ambiance of any room. Under-cabinet lighting provides softness and subtlety to your kitchen compared to overhead ceiling lamps. LED lights are a must-have for a new custom home because they don’t emit much heat, ensuring that your kitchen stays cool. 

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

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