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Designing The Greatest Luxury of a New Home: The Master Bathroom

viking custom homes master bathroom

While the master bathroom is not often viewed as a lounging area, high-quality custom features can transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis.

Anyone who has a cramped bathroom in their house would consider a spacious, functional master bathroom one of the greatest luxuries in a new home. The master bedroom has become a significant element of today’s new home developments. Let’s discuss the key factors to consider in a master bathroom design for your new, custom home.

Lighting is Key in a Bathroom Design

Bathroom design is becoming technologically advanced in several ways. Remember when the Hollywood lighting above the vanity was considered cool? The location of the lights over your head produced shadows that hindered your ability to see your face clearly. Alternatively, you can add lights on both sides of the vanity. Bulbs that release a natural-looking glow enhance your face. You may want to add general ceiling lighting on a dimmer to create a mood during one of your evening soaks.

Don’t Overlook Storage Space

Moreover, you need an area in your master bathroom to store medicine, towels, and other items. Provide several vanity drawers and shelves for your cabinetry if your bathroom is limited with space. If possible, leave room for a bench or a place to discard clothing. Plus, adding a frosted glass window makes a nice compromise – it lights the master bathroom and offers bathers privacy.

Consider the Location of the Master Closet

Another design to consider is the location of the master closet in your master bathroom suite. Many plans locate these closets in a hall that separates the master bedroom from the master bathroom. You may want the closet inside the master bath if you live in an area where the climate is dry. It’s convenient to walk from the bathroom into a closet to dress, but you need to think about moisture on your clothes.  

While the master bathroom is often viewed as a lounging area, high-quality custom features can transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis.

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