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Are Closed Floor Plans Coming Back?

Are Closed Floor Plans Coming Back?

Could closed floor plans be returning to today’s home designs? Here’s what it might look like.

American homes have changed throughout the centuries. While they once had kitchens hidden in the back of the room as a place of utility, today, kitchens are just as much a part of the house and may even be the heart of the home. Floor plans shift and change according to the culture. As of last year, it could be we are beginning to see a new trend. Are closed floor plans coming back, and how are they coming back?

Quarantine Trends

The prolonged lockdown of 2020 through 2021 has made a significant impact on every life. It has shifted the way we socialize and work, and it has become more difficult to find ways to change up the scenery and get both quality family time and alone time. The open floor plan has been a staple in the last two decades, but now, people are beginning to value a little more separation of space for the sake of privacy and variety.

Single and Multi-Purpose Rooms

Today’s architects are considering multiple ways to achieve these returning goals, one of which is the simplest: single or multi-purpose rooms. The dining room is one of these spaces that have fallen to the wayside when consolidating living space. People may begin to veer toward reintroducing the dining room, or a dining room that can double as a library, home office, or craft room.

Divided Rooms

Living rooms and great rooms tend to be large and spacious, which is fantastic, except that they are more challenging to furnish. While there may be no structural changes to such rooms, people might want to start dividing them into two or more sitting areas to help families spread out.

Lowered Arches and Ceilings

While the custom home plan with an open concept may stay strong, one might see subtle architectural designs that help to differentiate spaces more prominently. Lowering the door frame between rooms, or making one room’s ceiling higher than the next are two examples.

Alcoves, Niches, and Bay Windows

There’s nothing quite like a bay window, or a niche or alcove in which one can relax, dine, sit, or study. A smaller inlet with a lowered ceiling creates more space, more light, and better views. It is separate from the rest of the room, but still connected.

Multiple Exterior Doorways

Outdoor living continues to be important, and having multiple entries onto those outdoor spaces is prevalent. Doors could lead to outdoor dining areas, sitting areas, gardens, and balconies. With a custom home, the design is up to you.

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