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The Return of the Dining Room

The Return of the Dining Room

Rooms come and go; in the 2020s, get ready for the return of the dining room.

Architectural styles come and go, but did you know the same applies to rooms? With the trends of the times, some rooms in homes disappear and reappear again, even though all families continue to eat, wash, sleep, relax, and entertain the way they always have. In the advent of the 2020s, one should get ready for the return of the dining room.

The Return of the Dining Room

The return of the dining room is here. Custom homeowners can take advantage of the benefits one offers, which we will discuss later on. The return of the dining room marks the pendulum swing away from the nebulous regions of open-concept living spaces. While open floor plans remain ever popular, some division or distinction made for the dining room, in particular, is finding its way back into contemporary architecture. In many designs, the dining room is its own room once again.

Basics of Dining Room Design

Not all dining rooms are decked out in the same trimmings, but below are several ways to make this room distinctly for dining. First of all, every dining room, no matter how simple, must have a chandelier. This feature is one that will likely come with your Viking custom home and can be as unique or classic as you prefer. 

Other features include a chair railing, which leaves you plenty of creative options for paint color and pattern. Beneath the chair rail, one might install shiplap, paneling, or nothing at all. For a truly luxurious dining room, you can also add built-in cabinetry, a fireplace, or a breakfast nook.

The Importance of the Dining Room

The return of the dining room can be as simple or resplendent as one wishes in a custom home design, but why is this room so important, anyway? Especially during the worldwide pandemic, people of all walks of life have found new ways to keep in touch, plus the value of fellowship. Eating a meal together is one of the most special ways to bond, and with the recipes one has learned over quarantine, one needs a group to try them out! The casual meal at the breakfast nook or the kitchen island won’t cut it anymore.

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