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Tips for Customizing Your Maryland House Plan

Tips for Customizing Your Maryland House Plan

Stuck on how to customize a house plan? Here are some helpful tips.

Custom home building has become more popular than ever in Maryland, and for excellent reasons. With a new construction home, you face less competition than in the regular real estate market. You also get a low-maintenance, energy-efficient home with all the features that you want. Even so, it can be easy to look at the myriad of fabulous custom home plans that Viking Custom Homes offers and be at a loss on whether or not to customize the default. Here are several tips for customizing your Maryland house plan.

Think about the Land

First, consider the plot of land on which you are building. Is it sloped? Is it flat? Does it have a unique topography? The ideal design of your dream house will conform to the unique elements of the property for the best cohesion.

Features of the Land

Does the land have particular features that may affect your Maryland house plan? Is there a gorgeous view in the backyard that you want to see from your living room or when you wake up in the morning? Does it face a street you’d like some privacy from? The features of the land, natural and man-made, can affect the placement of rooms.

Bringing Sunlight In

On some lots, it may be more or less difficult to face the house a different direction. However, you do have the option to choose a different location where the house can sit south, north, east, or west. South-facing homes have the greatest sun exposure; light will flood indoors throughout the day, especially in winter when light is most cheering. Other ways to bring more sunlight in are through skylights, two-story windows, and tubular daylighting.

Consider Lifestyle

Creating the perfect Maryland house plan is largely based on a family’s lifestyle. If a family loves to socialize, then having an open floor plan connecting the kitchen and living room is a good option. Keeping bedrooms far apart from gathering areas is also a bonus. If the family is more private, they might want to add a few doors to the design. Customization can be as simple as knocking a wall down or switching rooms to opposite ends of the house.

List Your Must-Haves

Lastly, make a list of your must-have features. Viking Custom Homes offers an array of beautiful, high-quality features and design with an attention to detail. Custom ideas they have implemented for clients include a Pinterest-inspired front doorway, a library loft, a homeschooling center, and a stunning home gym.

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

Are you ready to bring your dream home to life? Enlist the difference of Viking Custom Homes, Maryland’s trusted home builder of high-quality single-family homes for more than three decades. With over 30 years of experience and a reputation of excellence in over five Maryland counties, we offer the highest standard of customer service and quality assurance for your new home. If you are looking to build on one of our beautiful homesite offerings or on your own lot, we are eager to help you every step of the way towards building your dream home. Let us bring your dream to life by building a home where life unfolds! Contact us online or call today at 410-977-2188 to speak with a member of our trusted team. You can also visit our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for more information.

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