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Front or Back Porch for a Custom Home

Front or Back Porch for a Custom Home

The porch is a staple of the American house. The question is, front or back porch?

Porch-sitting is a classic American pastime, and it hasn’t died out. No, it is as classic and routine as ever today, and custom homeowners can benefit from the many perks one offers. The question is, should you have a front or back porch? Is there room for both? Both have their differences, yet both offer something great to the household. Below, you can get a better idea for whether a front or back porch might suit your custom home better.

What Is a Porch?

A porch is a covered outdoor area that is on the same level as the first floor. It can have columns and rails or just columns to support the roof. It can also be enclosed, screened, or open. Given the space, a porch can have a wider or shorter depth, with more or less room to place outdoor furniture.

Front Porches

Front porches are fantastic for entertaining and having an inviting look to your home. The front porch is often shallower than a back porch, but it serves its purpose to provide covered room for sitting around with friends and neighbors, rain or shine. Perfect for a suspended bench swing or a few rocking chairs, it’s a great way to engage with your neighborhood or enjoy a sunny afternoon with friends post-lunch. 

Front porches often emphasize the style of the house more so than the back porch might. Its columns and railings can be simple or ornate. For example, a craftsman-style house might have classic craftsman columns, while a traditional home might include Corinthian columns with turned spindle railings. All in all, a front porch makes for a stylish invitation to the community to enjoy life.

Back Porches

The back porch is less likely to have railing, but may or may not be enclosed or screened. At the back of the house, you’ll have a pleasant place to gaze out into the distance, enjoying nature and the fresh breeze while protected from the elements. 

As mentioned, the back porch is often larger than a front one, which lends more space for a family room-type setup. One can even include a built-in fireplace, a TV, or both! Back porches are flexible for other purposes, such as a catio, outdoor dining room, sanctuary, etc. One can add different features such as recessed lighting, curtains, and carpets as well.

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