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What to Do with a Spare Room

What to Do with a Spare Room

There are many ways to use a spare room! Check out these ideas.

Your house may have a purpose for every room except for one. The spare room is a challenge for many to tackle, and it can easily end up being the one makeshift space in the house that no one wants to see. However, you can give that room a makeover by utilizing one of these spare room ideas.

Home Office

The home office is one of the most useful spaces in the home. It can act as a multi-purpose space, having not only a desk but also a daybed or a library as well. With everyone using their computer daily, it is convenient to have one room dedicated to this need. If someone works from home, this is a great resource to have to find peace and quiet in the house.

Guest Bedroom

If you are the type of person who loves entertaining, you can also take this prime opportunity to make an extra guest bedroom. You can have it function as a home office in the meantime, or else furnish it in a pleasing manner with a bright, airy feel or a dark, warm one. 


Homes used to have rooms dedicated to the play and learning of the children called the nursery. These days, the playing may spread all over the house or be centered in their bedroom. To contain all the toys, you can create a playroom to keep items organized. A playroom can later convert into an office or other room.

Hobby Room

Everyone should enjoy a wholesome hobby, and if one really gets into it, one can dedicate an entire room to the craft or study. If one or more people in the house practice a musical instrument, using a spare room is the perfect way to limit sounds throughout the house.


Although one might not think of it at first, combining that spare room with a neighboring room is also a possibility. If you are in the design stages of a custom home and find this idea useful for, say, having a bedroom and study in one space, you can avoid demolishing walls later on. However, extensions are doable with the right company as well. 

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