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How to Maximize Guest Spaces

How to Maximize Guest Spaces

Looking for stylish ways to add guest spaces to your home? Here are several ways.

When customizing your home, you initially may think of how to design the spaces to fit your lifestyle wants and needs. Part of your lifestyle, however, may include housing overnight guests, especially during the holidays. If entertaining is a huge part of your life, or you want to be prepared to have someone over should the occasion arise, read on to find out how to maximize your guest spaces.

Sleeper Sofas

A sleeper sofa is perhaps the most basic solution. It works well with a double function: a comfy place to sit throughout the year, and a sweet solution for an overnight guest or two. These days, sleeper sofas come in attractive designs and styles. If you purchase a sleeper sofa, you may want to put it in an area out of the way of house traffic, preferably in a room with a closed door. If your house has an open plan, setting up a screen can aid with privacy, should you come that way in the morning.

Daybed with Trundle

A daybed can add comfort to any office space or bedroom. If you have one in a child’s bedroom, it can offer a place for a friend to sleep over. If you set it in the master bedroom, it can be a place for a visiting family to stay with their children while you take a smaller bed elsewhere. To create even more sleeping quarters, look for a daybed with a trundle for double the space.

Murphy Beds

A murphy bed, meanwhile, can save space and add plenty of style. They usually appear as large yet shallow furniture cabinets. Opening one up, you realize you have a queen size bed hidden inside. Murphy beds can also come as twin bunks that fold up into the wall. While you may not be able to sit on a murphy bed like a sleeper sofa or a daybed, you can add to your rooms with a stylish piece of “furniture.”

Build-in Bunk Beds

Meanwhile, there are ways to create more beds through custom home installations. If you are in the market for a custom house, think of adding this feature as you keep guests in mind. If you have a large study, bedroom, or even living space, you can add built-in bunk beds and hide them in various ways. Curtains and barn doors are just two examples. 

Sleeping Loft

If you have exhausted space on the floor level and still want more room for guests, look up. If you have high ceilings, there may be room to add a cozy and convenient sleeping loft to your abode. It might be so inviting that you might try it out!

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