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Best Placement for Your Home Office

Best Placement for Your Home Office

Looking for a place for your home office? Here are some ideas.

The home is your domain, the place where you can include everything you want and arrange it just the way you like. As many people are continuing to work from home, it is significant how they set up their space. In the context of a custom home, you have several options as to how you would like to design the placement for your home office before it even exists.

Near the Front Door

Some ages ago, homes used to have a study. This room was specifically for intellectual and professional pursuits. Today, homes may still have studies, but homeowners would more likely consider them as home offices. The placement of your home office as its own room might be near the front door, especially if one expects clients to visit from time to time.

Away from Distractions

It is also important to consider the placement of your home office in light of the rooms around it. Offices are typically quiet spaces where you can close the door and be away from high traffic areas. Make sure that wherever your home office is, you will not be easily distracted by the potential activity around you.

Detached from the House

Another option is to have a small office building located apart from the house. It’s a fantastic way to keep work and relaxation in separate spaces. A finished structure, a custom shed, or a section of your garage can be just right.

In a Nook

If you do not have the space to lend a whole room to your work-from-home needs, let alone a detached building, you can still find a designated space to get your work done. Nooks under the stairs, in front of a dormer window, or in between two bookcases can also be a snug solution. You can leave your labor behind and enjoy the rest of the house as home.

In a Cranny

Lastly, you can also make your office as invisible as possible. If you work from a laptop, you can have a cabinet to stow away your professional belongings when you need to relax. Keeping it mobile also allows you to change your work location to wherever you please.

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