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Ways to Bring Sunlight Into Home Design

Ways to Bring Sunlight Into Home Design

Incorporate the most natural light into your home with these strategies.

Sunlight is notably healthy for any human being. It gives a person free vitamin D, kills off germs, and boosts one’s mood. It is one of the most important aspects homeowners want in a new home, and many people look for ways to increase the amount of natural light. With a custom home, you don’t have to renovate. You can incorporate natural sunlight into your house in the following ways.

House Position

The position of one’s house is all-important to how effectively natural light can enter. This aspect of home design is nothing new, but it does take knowledge of how the sun moves through the sky all year. Home design experts have figured out that the best way to maximize sunlight in the home yet protect it from the hot summer sun is to have the widest side of the building facing south. The south side catches the most sun, letting in the high summer sun and the low winter one.

Large Windows

Having more windows typically means more light. One can always increase the size of their windows to maximize natural lighting. However, one must also consider what each offers, depending on what direction it faces. While south-facing ones receive the most sunlight, north ones receive a steadily low amount. East-facing windows get the most morning light, and west-facing ones brighten the afternoon.


There are various ways to make doors into a source for sunlight. Many glass doors with varying visibility are on the market, though some homeowners may value privacy more highly than glass. Glass doors are also more expensive. If you have a high ceiling, adding a transom, a window around or above the door, can increase the lighting without compromising privacy or style.

Tubular Daylighting

Tubular daylighting is one way that architects fuel natural light into the home mechanically. A small window in the roof connects to the ceiling of a small room via a highly reflective metal tube. These tubes do not impede any of the rooms and are a very simple yet effective design.


Skylights make any room feel lighter and more connected with the outdoors. Before putting one into your custom home, however, it is best to talk with your home builder about design ideas and the view from outside.  

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