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What Is a Maximalist House Design?

What Is a Maximalist House Design?

Custom homes are perfect for implementing a maximalist house design.

A custom home is supposed to be all that you’ve dreamed of for a family home. It accommodates everything you need and is set in your ideal location. What’s more, it also encompasses your style. If there is a type of style you’d like to achieve, maximalism may be for you. What is a maximalist house design? Read on below!

What Is Maximalism?

Maximalism is the swift answer to minimalism. While minimalism promotes using simple, essential lines and only items that you need, maximalism drives for using all the elements of design to their fullest extent. Colors, patterns, repetition, etc., are abundant in a maximalist home.

Ideas for a Maximalist House Design

Ornate Detailing

One way one could use maximalism in house design is to include ornate detailing. These could be small but significant touches, such as a decoratively carved stair balustrade, portico, or ceiling. One might see Corinthian crown molding and chair railing. Details like these add more.

Ample Comfort

Maximalism is also all about comfort. Your custom home, no matter what style it is, should include sound heating and air conditioning for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. Viking Custom Homes offers Energy Star appliances as well as the softer features like Mohawk carpeting.

Lots of Storage

You’ll need lots of storage for the many unique, collectible objects you own in your maximalist home. Books, art, sculptures, and knick-knacks need plenty of room, whether it be in bookshelves, curios, or built-in shelving. If you love to cook, you’ll need room for the endless kitchen gadgets you’ll need.

Loads of Color

Every homeowner has different color preferences, but using color richly and tastefully helps to make the most of each space. Colorful wallpaper is not out of the question.

Lifestyle Rooms

With a custom home design, you can reorient and resize rooms as you please. It is all about making room for you to live your fullest. Some homeowners will include a home gym, a hobby room, or any other such room that suits their lifestyle.


Lastly, maximalism promotes personalization over perfection, particularly in your interior design. For a maximalist house design, one would suit everything from the cabinet knobs to the roofing to your exact specifications.

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