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Brick vs. Stone for Your Home Exterior

Brick vs. Stone for Your Home Exterior

Stone or brick? Which would be better for your home’s exterior?

Your home’s exterior says it all. The first impression of your house should reflect what you call home, incorporating its overall style. While siding is standard for many homes, a brick or stone front elevates a house to a new level. Of course, both have their pros and cons and choosing between the two may require careful consideration. Below is a look at this comparison: brick vs. stone for your home exterior.

Factors of a Brick Exterior

Brick is a notably historical material used in many historic buildings in Maryland and other states. If you are looking to create a stately Old World or colonial look to your home, brick could be for you. 

Brick itself consists of shale and clay baked in a kiln. As seen in its historic neighbors, brick can last for centuries. It is fireproof and waterproof and can help insulate and warm your home. As it is a manmade product that uses mortar as its binder, it will deteriorate over time and possibly need repairs to fill holes and cracks. 

Because brick comes in uniform blocks or rectangles, they are easy to build together into a wall or veneer. However, when one compares the costs of both materials and installation with stone, the two materials break somewhat evenly.

Factors of a Stone Exterior

Meanwhile, stone is a popular material for the modern home exterior. Harkening back to ancient days and country cottages alike, stone comes in various types, shapes, and colors to suit varying home exterior styles. 

As a natural material, stone wins the battle over brick in durability. Historic and ancient granite monuments can attest to natural stone’s stand against time. On the other hand, manufactured stone has become highly popular as well, and due to its high performance in durability and appearance, both are fair contenders. Of course, nothing quite beats the natural material.

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