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Tips to Maximize Home Comfort

Tips to Maximize Home Comfort

Looking to make your home as cozy as possible this winter? Here’s some food for thought.

The chill of fall nears to the frigid climes of winter in Maryland in November. How is someone supposed to stay warm? If there is any place where one should feel warm and comfortable, it is at home. That is the place where we live, after all. It is meant to be a relaxing and sheltering abode. If you are wondering how you can maximize your home comfort, here are some tips.

An Efficiently-Designed Home

Home comfort begins with the very structure of the house. The ease one feels in this space, however, has so many more contributing factors than just the air temperature. While forced warm air throughout the home may be one piece of the puzzle, air speed, relative humidity, and air stratification also play their part. The principle on how to keep a home comfortable in all aspects lies in radiant heat. Radiant heat is the transfer of heat from one object to another. In a home design based on this phenomenon, there may be heated floors and more substantial insulation in the walls, ceilings, and windows. If you are in the market for a new home, building a custom home that meets your style and needs is a more affordable and convenient option than one might think and can give you the home comfort you desire.

An Appeal to the Senses

Once you have that solid structure to provide warmth, you can then move to the other aspects of home comfort. The way to determine this part is to see what your senses tell you. Below are some guidelines.

  • Paint the walls and hang pictures and paintings that you like. 
  • Cook and eat with your family and friends in your home. 
  • Make your home smell good, whether through cooking, scented candles, no candles at all, or simply cleaning the house regularly. 
  • Keep your home organized and free from clutter; a cluttered home can be a physical and mental health hazard. 
  • Create your own nook. Perhaps the center of an L-shaped sofa, a window seat, or a comfy chair in the corner of a room will do.
  • Make a fire. There’s nothing like a crackling fire during the cold seasons, whether in a fireplace or an outdoor pit.

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