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What is a Luxury Home?

What is a Luxury Home?

What exactly is a luxury home? The answer is in these five features.

What is a luxury home? What would people consider a luxury? A luxury may be something that people find excessive to daily living, an object or way of life that goes above and beyond normal living standards. Luxury is by no means a bad thing; rather, it could be considered the epitome of beautiful creations and living, especially in architecture. Therefore, one can know what a luxury home is based on these five features.


As one will see in the following article, a luxury home is more affordable than one might think. It can combine or exclude features while still being “luxury.” The very first feature that makes a house so is its location. A prime location could be a waterfront property, one with high elevation, and one close to top amenities like the city or high-ranking schools. 


Size does not necessarily make a custom home a luxury one, but it often does. Most high-end homes have larger square footage; Viking Custom Homes, a luxury home builder in the Frederick area and beyond, builds homes up to 7,000 square feet or more, but they can also build below 2,000 square feet. Size is but one factor in what makes a home luxurious.


One can have a big house, but it won’t be as ideal if the design is awkward. That is why design and customization are also essential. Viking Custom Homes provides numerous eye-catching floor plans that would entice any homebuyer. They provide flexible customization, so your home can be truly fit to your wants and needs. Ultimately, a high-end home is one that isn’t a cookie-cutter house.


Even a smaller home can be counted as luxury when it is fitted out with high-end materials, inside and out. New, high-quality homes have energy-efficient construction using trusted products for the framing, insulation, windows, doors, etc. These homes typically have state-of-the-art interior materials as well, like spacious granite countertops, ornate woodwork, and full overlay maple cabinetry.


Lastly, a luxury home typically has high-end amenities that push one’s imagination. For instance, a home gym with glass doors, a theater room, a bar, billiards room, or an indoor swimming pool would all be atypical of the average homeowner. With a luxury build, the sky’s the limit.

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