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Tips for a Stellar Bathroom Design

Tips for a Stellar Bathroom Design

Include these must-have features in your custom bathroom design!

The bathroom is a place of retreat, where one can go to forget about time and relax. With a custom home build, you have a blank slate with which to work. To create the bathroom design of your dreams, consider the following components.

Functional Layout

Every bathroom design begins with its structural layout. There are three types of bathroom layouts: one-wall, two-wall, and three-wall. With the one-wall format, the toilet, sink, and shower or bath line up against one wall, which can be practical with smaller space. Two-wall bathrooms have the sink and toilet on one side and the shower or bath on the opposite wall, the most common layout. The three-wall version is the hardest to achieve.

Floor with Friction

Smooth tile floors may look luxurious, but they can be hazardous, especially in a wet location. Bathroom flooring options are nearly endless, with many engineered and natural materials available. Choose flooring that has at least a 60% coefficient of friction.

Focal Point

For a stunning design, looks matter. The sink, the shower, or the bathtub make great focal points. While a beautiful, artisan sink can be an instant feature, each family can decide what kind of bathing arrangement works best for them. A shower, bathtub, or both can create a personal spa.


Different types and arrangements of lighting help one to use each space accordingly. At the bathroom mirror, lighting on either side and above it will sufficiently illuminate one’s face and avoid shadows. Overhead lighting is typical for the center of the room, the shower, and any other dark areas.

Window Treatments

Window treatments can help create the mood and give privacy. Select water-resistant, easy-to-clean treatments like blinds, shades, or shutters for the easiest care. On the other hand, Roman shades, valances, and other drapery can also be appealing.


Storage is a necessity in every room. No matter the size of a bathroom, one can always fit in cabinetry in the most efficient and innovative manner. Cabinetry can be stock or custom-made. For more insight and ideas for your bathroom design, let Viking Custom Homes help you!

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