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6 Ways to Brighten Interior Design

6 Ways to Brighten Interior Design

Make a room brighter with these interior design tips.

There may be one or two rooms of the house that do not get as much sunlight as the others. It may get lots of morning light, but you wish to use it most in the afternoon. Conversely, the room may be shadier year-round. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to brighten interior design. Here are six ways to try out.

1. White Paint

White paint is always classic and the epitome of brightness. If you still want colored walls, choose a light color and pair with a white ceiling, which will make the room feel more open. There are thousands of white paints on the market, however; be sure to test out your options and see how they look at different times of day.

2. Light-Colored Flooring

Brighten up the flooring with light-colored carpeting or a light area rug, especially if you have dark hardwood or laminate underneath. When choosing hard flooring, go with a lighter wood color. Even in this category, there are hundreds of options.

3. Light-Washed Walls

If the room is shadowing during the day, or you just want to keep the brightness going in the evening, use lighting fixtures to your advantage. Diffuse indoor lighting by having lamp shades that cast light up and down the walls, spreading the light over a greater surface.

4. Light Window Treatments

During the day, trade in heavy drapery with light-colored or sheer curtains. If privacy is not too much of an issue, sheer window treatments lend some privacy but still let in plenty of sunlight. Otherwise, white or pale-colored curtains work well for any light and airy room.

5. Mirrors

Reflecting and spreading light throughout a room is one major way to brighten interior design. Placing mirrors in a way that they will reflect natural light will make any dark or smaller room feel exponentially brighter and larger. 

6. Minimal Furniture

You can still have your big comfy couch, but another trick to brightening interior design is to reduce the mass of furniture in a room. Minimalist pieces with glass or light-colored materials enhance a room’s spaciousness.

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