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Should You Have a First-Floor Master Bedroom?

Should You Have a First-Floor Master Bedroom?

There are pros and cons to first-floor master bedrooms. Is it right for you?

A custom home should ideally fit our needs as we age. As people consider what that design looks like, the placement of the master bedroom is one factor that can have a significant impact. While younger generations are opting more often for a first-floor master bedroom, here’s what you should know before making your decision.

Proximity to Common Rooms

Many advantages come with a first-floor master bedroom, but one of the most apparent downsides to having one is its proximity to common living areas like the family room and kitchen. It can be especially troubling if your family entertains often or if a spouse works odd hours.

Proximity to Children

The master bedroom’s proximity to the kids can be either a pro or a con. If you have young children, a master bedroom on a separate floor can make attending to middle-of-the-night upsets inefficient. On the other hand, independence for older children and a respite for parents can also be desirable.

Avoiding the Stairs

A first-floor master bedroom is advantageous primarily for its accessibility. If you expect to care for an aging parent, a first-floor suite is the best solution. It can also be a fantastic long-term feature for you; most homeowners wish to stay in their homes as long as possible, and avoiding the stairs now can benefit you in the long run. Meanwhile, if you have a disabled family member, a first-floor bedroom is ideal for easy travel.

Home Office

As remote work is becoming more common, the demand for a home office is rising. Master bedrooms can accommodate this function, conveniently away from the family but close to the bathroom and kitchen.

Room for Guests

Lastly, a first-floor master bedroom can be a fantastic guest room. It adds the comfort of letting guests have privacy as well as their own bathroom. A separate abode away from the family can be an advantage.

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