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Most Popular American Home Styles

Most Popular American Home Styles

America, and particularly Maryland, has a tradition of fantastic house styles.

Fourth of July is coming around once again, in which we celebrate the freedoms that our country has. In light of the coming July 4th weekend, here is a look at five of the most popular American home styles, especially in Maryland.

Colonial Revival

Historical colonial houses are most common on the east coast and in the south. In Maryland, colonial revival homes have continued to thrive for generations. These homes are characterized by symmetry and straight lines. They usually have two stories and sometimes have dormers. 


The ranch-style house is a one-story home with an attached garage and open floor plan. Born in the west, this American home style has traveled to the east and continues to be a fantastic option for those who can most enjoy the benefits of a one-story floor plan.


The craftsman style is the beautiful product of the Arts and Crafts movement following the Industrial Revolution in England. It sought to reverse the mechanical mass production culture of that period with an emphasis on natural, handcrafted work. Built-in cabinetry, open floor plans, simple lines, and porches supported by stout beams mark this American home style. A prime example is the Devon floor plan provided by Viking Custom Homes.

Queen Anne

Throughout parts of Maryland you may find dotted along the roadsides a peculiarly Victorian house style. If you see an asymmetrical house with one or two spires and ornate woodwork around the porch, you have found a Queen Anne style residence. It was most popular during the 1880s through 1910s, but can always come back through a custom build.

Modern and Contemporary

Maryland enjoys its share of modern home designs as well. Modern homes have flat roofs and sleek lines. Their interiors often have cool colors and fine materials like marble or other stones. Contemporary home designs, meanwhile, are free to the imagination, and some homes even look like boats. On the other hand, any contemporary custom home can borrow from any historical style. 

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