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Attached or Detached Garage?

Attached or Detached Garage?

Whether your garage is attached or detached can truly make a difference!

The garage is one of the essential elements of a house. It’s that extra storage area for your car, garden tools, outdoor equipment, and more. When building a custom home, the decision on whether to have an attached or detached garage matters. It can affect one’s lifestyle more than one realizes. Consider whether your future home should have one or the other through the pros and cons of each.

Attached Garage: Pros

An attached garage is newer to home architecture and more common in homes as well. For the sake of convenience for transitioning from the car to the house, especially in foul weather, the attached garage wins. This type also is more affordable to build than a detached garage and can benefit from the home’s existing electrical and heating systems. Because of this, it is easier to keep an extra freezer or refrigerator inside for additional provisions or snacks.

Attached Garage: Cons

However, attached garages do have their drawbacks. Perhaps the biggest con is that they pose a greater risk of hazard to the household due to the chemicals that one typically stores in a garage. Paints, gasoline, poisons, and more pose a health hazard if inhaled and also are more likely to cause a fire. They also may increase the risk of theft; if not properly secured, thieves can more easily break in through the garage and into your home

Detached Garage: Pros

On the other hand, detached garages, though less common, also have their advantages and disadvantages. As the flipside to the negative side of the attached version, a detached one keeps hazardous materials separate from the house. This model is also especially beneficial if you intend to use the space for specific hobbies, like carpentry or other construction work. Noise and danger keep to a minimum for house members. 

Detached Garage: Cons

Unfortunately, you will have to face some consequences along with the benefits. They cost more to build short-term and long-term. They require their own electricity, heating, and maintenance. For example, your garage will have its own roof and siding that needs care separate from the house’s. They are also less convenient for coming to and from the house in bad weather and can take up a significant amount of your yard. 

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