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Bring Historic Design into New Construction

Bring Historic Design into New Construction

Interested in bringing history into your home design? There are ways to do so.

A brand-new house is a work of art; it can reflect the designs of its time, or harken back to another age. Perhaps you have design ideas you’d like to bring to life in a house; with a custom home and today’s building innovations, you can make a new house carry the essence of days gone by. Incorporate your ideal historic design into your custom home with these methods below.

Research and Plan

If the idea of living in a historic home appeals to you, you may already have an idea of what period of architecture you would like to emulate. For example, Victorian period homes often have characteristic features, such as a wrap-around porch or hexagonal towers with conical roofs. Meanwhile, many historic designs continue to increase in today’s market, like the colonial, ranch, and modern styles. Each has a set of classic characteristics. If one has struck your fancy, look into house plans of that style and pick out particular features you like best. If you like different aspects of different periods, who is to say you can’t incorporate both?

Use Modern Materials

Depending on how old you are looking to go with your style, you may find in your research that those historic homes had different materials and even different building methods than today’s. At the same time, today’s technology allows homes to stand for longer with lower maintenance. One can find reproduction materials that look like stone or wood but are less expensive and far more durable. A custom home owner can work with a design team to create a historically-accurate exterior or interior, but use materials that promote longevity.

Incorporate Details

If you are happy with a more or less contemporary-styled home, however, but still wish to add some flair, consider the details. Pick out small elements of the style in question, and add elements to the exterior that echo the historic architecture. A custom home designer can help you detect these elements and bring your dream to life. 

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