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Including a Home Office in Your Custom Home

Including a Home Office in Your Custom Home

What’s the best design for a custom home office? Find out here.

The home is where a family lives and moves and breathes, the place where every part of the design fits one’s needs. Even before the current times of the coronavirus, people have begun working more and more from home. Without a designated place to work, many end up taking residence at their dining tables or couches. The need for a home office is coming back, and with a custom home, you can have it just the way you like.

The Home Office Trend

Home offices were once popular, even becoming a status symbol proclaiming that “this homeowner works hard.” Writers, freelancers, lawyers, and many others have labored at their profession at home. These special-purpose rooms fell out of style as people looked to save money on home buying, but now, the need for this specific space is back. The mental ability to focus on work vs. the rest of life is one of the great challenges in remote working, and having a room dedicated to that purpose makes focusing far easier. Thankfully, with a custom build, that is entirely possible to fulfill.


Traditionally, the home office is near the entrance of the home. If clients come to visit, having the office at this spot makes it easy to access. Another option for the location is an outbuilding like a mother-in-law suite, or part of the home with an exterior entryway, like a basement. If entertaining clients is not your concern, a spare bedroom or converted walk-in closet can do just as well.


Most of the effort tends to go into the kitchen and the bathrooms, but the home office deserves just as much attention, as it’s the space where one will spend most of each day, every week. Depending on one’s profession, the homeowner will need different home office furnishings. Account for bookshelves, cabinets, chairs, etc. Desk materials can range drastically from wood to granite.


Today, there are plenty of creative ways to integrate sufficient lighting into any room in the house. For the sunniest spot, have a south-facing window for your home office. For rooms without windows, one can install a skylight, recess lighting, or tubular daylighting.

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