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Low-Tech Custom Home Ideas

Low-Tech Custom Home Ideas

Low tech features can make a house just as smart as today’s smart homes!

High tech items might be all the rage in custom home building, and some items are quite fascinating and functional for modern living. On the other hand, some old-fashioned technology for homes proves highly useful as well. One doesn’t have to invest in smart appliances to have a smart home design. Below are several low-tech custom home ideas to consider.

Laundry Chute

The laundry chute consists of a small flap close to the floor of a second-story room that leads down to another flap opening to the laundry room below. This chute can save one the step of carrying an entire load of laundry downstairs. Instead, one can store their hamper in the laundry room, where the laundry machines are ready to clean them.

Garage-to-Pantry Door

Another neat design that a recent client of Viking Custom Homes’ requested is the garage-to-pantry doorway. A small, insulated door near the floor can open up from the garage to the walk-in pantry, making it much easier to put away groceries. Your pantry items will already be in the pantry when you get inside the house!

Under-Stairs Storage

Another low-tech custom home idea is highly simple and very much in style: creating as much storage space as possible. The most efficient use of space will reward you with ample room for storage and perhaps some monetary savings in the design. While custom kitchen cabinetry is a great place to start, one can also make use of less common areas, such as under the stairs. This often unused area can become your pantry, dog house, board games cupboard, or cleaning closet.

Hidden Room

Nothing says “low-tech custom home ideas” like a hidden room or a hidden passageway. Historic houses might have a hidden door to make it less conspicuous when servers brought food into the main dining room from the kitchen. Some might use a hidden room to hide away their studio, collection room, or hobby room. A hidden room, loft, or passageway can be practical, whimsical, or both.


Lastly, the dumbwaiter might be antiquated, but it is highly practical when you want to serve up snacks, meals, appetizers, or after-dinner drinks. Depending on your family and your unique custom home, a dumbwaiter could be a great addition!

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