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Custom Garage Door Ideas

Custom Garage Door Ideas

Where’s the garage? Check out these creative garage door ideas!

Garage doors are one detail that every custom homeowner needs to consider. An important part of their home’s exterior, the garage doors can impact curb appeal. Your custom garage doors don’t have to be basic; with a custom home, you have more than a few options. Below are several custom garage door ideas that’ll open the doors of your imagination!

On the Side of the House

To start simple, one can make the house look bigger and conceal those garage doors by placing them on the side of the house. From the street, it is hard to tell whether you have a garage at all. All you see when you come home is a seamless facade with an inviting entrance. 

Matching the Siding

One ingenious custom garage door idea is to match the doors to your siding. With a seamless look, it can be hard for the average passer-by to tell you where your garage doors even are! This is a streamlined look that screams luxury.

Matching the Front Door

If you don’t mind having garage doors on the same face as the front door, you can still make them look incredibly beautiful. One way is to match them with your front door. Match the style and the color, and you have a great, traditional composition.

Matching the Windows

On the other hand, you could also match them to the windows. Glass garage doors are possible, either in clear or opaque glass. The dimensions of each glass panel can be the same as your windows.

Garage Doors That Look Like Doors

A popular trend for many homes is the garage door that looks like a set of two opening doors with iron handles and hinges. This door style is especially popular with traditional or craftsman style homes.

Accent Garage Doors

Like to go bold? Let your garage doors be the accent color of your custom home exterior! You can paint the doors whatever color you want; it is your home after all! You can also use them to add pattern or texture.

Garage Doors with Lights

Lastly, you can make your garage doors shine by uplighting, downlighting, or cove lighting them. Create a warm, inviting glow at night, and your house will have an even warmer ambiance. Plus, it will look fantastic.

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