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Best Siding Materials for Homes

Best Siding Materials for Homes

The siding of a home is a large part of its curb appeal. The market has at least six top options.

When people think of curb appeal, they often think of the roof, the windows, the door, or the landscaping. In constructing or renovating a home, one cannot forget about the siding of the house. Today, there are more than a few options available to make your home’s exterior walls durable yet appealing. Below are six of the top siding materials for homes on the market.

1. Brick

Brick is a classic option, although it is on the more expensive side. They come in various colors and can be painted. They can also either come as whole bricks or as a veneer. Brick gives a sense of strength to a building. It is also fire and rot-resistant, recyclable, and in general, low-maintenance

2. Vinyl

Vinyl, meanwhile, has been a widely-popular option in recent decades since it came on the market. When it is painted, the color goes all the way through. It can last several decades and is a sturdy material for protecting your home. It is exceptional for its low cost, low maintenance needs, and flexibility of style. Vertical, horizontal, and ornamental planks, shingles, and shakes are all options for your home’s look.

3. Fiber Cement

Meanwhile, fiber cement is also a highly-valued siding option. It is a composite material made of cement and cellulose fibers. They are then primed or pre-finished for painting in any color you’d like. As a composite material, they can take more wear and tear without needing too much maintenance. Fiber cement also lasts much longer than vinyl siding, but may scratch, crack, and cost more.

4. Wood

Wood is still one of the top-prized siding materials. Unlike man-made materials, however durable, wood is the genuine product composites imitate. Pine, cedar, redwood, and other species are naturally durable against insects and rot; even so, they take more regular care than other materials and are not fire-resistant.

5. Stone

Like brick, one can apply stone or stone veneer to their house for the look of a natural and beautiful stronghold. Although stone is more expensive, it requires little annual care, lasts a long time, resists fire, and is recyclable. It pairs well with nearly any type of other siding materials.

6. Aluminum or Steel

Although vinyl has been much more popular than aluminum or steel siding, these metals are proving their worth as the market looks back to them as recyclable and inexpensive options. They can also come in vertical or horizontal planks or as shingles or shakes. They work great for a modern home. 

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