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How to Choose a House Plan

How to Choose a House Plan

Figure out what house plan would be best for you through these tips.

Choosing a new home is an exciting process. The possibilities for your home are open to your choice, especially if you are planning a custom house plan. While there are many different popular house styles out there, such as Colonial, Cape Cod, Ranch, and Queen Anne, you can start to decide which would be the best fit for you by considering the following points.

Size of House

The size of the house you need will play a role in determining the best house style for you. Think of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you will need for family and guests. Consider what spaces take priority for you; for example, how much do you spend time in the kitchen? If cooking is a major part of your life, you may want a more sizable one. Keep in mind that with a custom home design, though, there is room for modifications in the design.   

Personal Taste

Besides looking at whether a particular home can fit your family or not, also consider what you like. Does one house style resonate with your taste more than another? Someone who likes frilly, flowing clothing, for example, may not prefer the straight, clean lines of a Mid-Century Modern house. Or, a person who loves the Victorian era may fancy the likes of a Queen Anne house plan.


Back to the practical side of choosing a house plan, think of how you will need to function in a home. If you want peace and quiet, sharing a room with the family in an open concept plan may not be ideal for you. If you want to entertain regularly, that is when an open floor plan may work best. How many stairs you care to climb can also be a factor in your choice. 


Another practical matter is your budget. It is best to have enough capital to spend for the home before you design and build it. Viking Custom Homes can work with your budget, wants, and needs to create the best design and build for you. 

Gut Feeling

If you come across a house plan in your search that you love, you may have found your destination. When a house conforms to the affordability, style, and function you want, you may know that that design is the one for you. 

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

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