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Types of Kitchen Countertops (Part 2)


Types of Kitchen Countertops (Part 2)

Here are four more excellent choices for your kitchen countertop material.

Last week, we discussed four of the most popular types of kitchen countertops: quartz, granite, marble, and ceramic tile. This time, we are expanding into four more countertop options that you might consider for your home. Although the materials mentioned above are what you may think of concerning kitchen countertops, these following materials add to the creative possibilities in kitchen design.


When you think of a concrete countertop, an industrial, ugly-gray surface may come to your mind. However, concrete countertops for kitchens are highly polished with the possibility of color-tinting for a unique, if not exotic, look. Engineering has enabled them to be lighter in weight, and they continue to be less prone to cracking. However, although they are heat-resistant and famously strong, cracking may occur over time, and maintenance includes sealing.

Stainless Steel

Although it is also considered industrial, stainless steel is a premium countertop material for modern kitchens. As it applies in commercial kitchens, it can also prove durable and heat-conductive in the home. Stainless steel counters are stylish options, depending on the style you want to implement. However, they are prone to scratching and should not be used as cutting surfaces.


Wood is an excellent material for your kitchen countertops as well. Unlike plastic, it resists germs more readily. Since countertop builders often use maple or oak, the wood itself is very strong. It also has the benefit of a flexible design, since wooden countertops can be one slab or many pieces fitted together (butcherblock.) Even so, it does need careful maintenance to prevent warping and cracking.

Crushed Glass

Although it is not the last option on the ultimate list of kitchen countertop materials, it is perhaps the most unique. Crushed glass countertops are an eco-friendly option; recycled glass pieces mix with concrete or acrylic to form a one-of-a-kind kitchen surface. The downsides are their higher cost and their proneness to stains and cracking if not cared for properly. Even so, this newer material on the market is a masterpiece. 

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