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Is Dark Vinyl Siding Worth It?

Is Dark Vinyl Siding Worth It?

These days, dark house exteriors are trending. Would it work for you?

Everyone has their vision for what their dream home might look like, yet everyone can agree that dark home exteriors are trending like never before. It isn’t just a muted dark, either; dramatic, stormy colors are hitting the scene and people are impressed. Even so, many are on the fence on whether it is right for their house. Is dark vinyl siding worth it? Here are the benefits it offers to custom homeowners.

Trend and Sell Well

If you are building a custom home, you likely won’t be interested in selling your home anytime soon. Even so, having a high property value is indeed valuable. There’s no doubt that dark vinyl siding is trending, and with that wow-factor popularity, dark-colored homes are selling more readily than their lighter counterparts. Every trend has beauty in it, so no matter what era it is, your dramatic home exterior will still have an impact.

Doesn’t Clash with Style

Dark vinyl siding typically does not clash with different house styles. Whether you are building a ranch, craftsman, traditional, contemporary, or even a Queen Anne style house, a dark exterior can go just as well as any other shade. Certainly, it can add something different or a modern twist.

Highlight Other Exterior Features

Existing homes can benefit from dark or even black exterior paint by hiding imperfections or weird architectural features. With a custom home, however, you can have a beautifully-designed home with no unwanted quirks from the start. Custom homeowners still can use dark or black paint to contrast with and highlight other features of the house, such as stonework or dormers.

Technological Advancement

When talking about dark vinyl siding, one has to cover the obvious problems it can pose. One is that the house could absorb more heat and raise the air conditioning bill; the other is that that dark, bold paint can fade over time. Technology today has mitigated those issues, providing heat deflection and tested longevity.

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