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Tips for Designing Your Home’s Staircase

Tips for Designing Your Home’s Staircase

A staircase in a custom home can be a stunning, space-saving focal point.

When designing or remodeling one’s home, you would generally think of how many rooms to include, how many bathrooms, and what kind of kitchen cabinets you might have. The staircase may not be at the top of the mind. However, a staircase is often a focal point in the entryway of a home or can be a striking feature in any room. Stairs come with their own guidelines and can add to the overall impression of your space. Below are some essential tips for designing your home’s staircase.


Your budget is the first factor to consider. Whatever amount you can set aside for a custom staircase, you and your team can implement a design that is effective, safe, and pleasant to the eyes. Keeping your budget in mind can also help give you limitations on what materials and style you choose mid a vast quantity of resources.


Another helpful limitation for your design is the space you have for your stairs. The size of your home may factor into this measurement. For smaller homes, a straight or L-shaped staircase is your best option. You can also consider adding a storage area underneath the stairs to make use of that extra space. If you have more room, a U-shaped staircase, which has a 180-degree turn in the middle of it, is a compact way of reaching the heights. Or else, feel free to add some curvature to your stairs or even design a spiral staircase for a dramatic effect. The possibilities are endless.

Materials and Colors

The materials and colors you choose will depend on the style of your home. If you have a very modern house, straight, sleek lines will go best. If your house leans more traditional, your stairs and balustrade (the railing) can take on more ornamentation and earthy colorations. If you choose a hardwood or laminate flooring for the stairs, it is best for the material and color to match those of the floors for a unified, continuous look. Depending on your style, you can pick from glass, carpet, steel, and timber of all shades.

Safety Codes

Even with all the style a staircase can offer, it will not be right for your house unless it abides by the safety rules. The Viking Custom Homes team can help make sure you can have a staircase that is both stunning and safe to climb. 

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