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One, Two, or Three-Story House Plans

One, Two, or Three-Story House Plans

One, two, or three: how many floors would you like best?

When considering building a custom home, you may already have a solid idea about what it will look like. Of course, there are many aspects to think over in the design. If you are not sure exactly what you are looking for in a custom home, one way to begin your search is to determine how many stories you’d like your house to have. Each kind of house has its own benefits.

One-Story House Plans

Originating in the 1950s and regaining popularity today, one-story homes are loaded with apparent and hidden advantages. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it is easier to access all parts of the house. It is the ideal layout for the elderly as they become less mobile, couples who want to “grow old” in their homes, and DIYers who want a more accessible home improvement project. 

On the other hand, one-story house plans are also more flexible for remodeling projects. It is easier to add a vaulted ceiling, an attached sunroom, or any other kind of addition. Likewise, the plan can have an open, spacious layout. It does not have to feel small. One-story house plans are also appealing for their energy-efficiency, as multiple-story houses may have uneven temperatures throughout it.

Two-Story House Plans

Two-story homes have some advantages over a single-level home, however. If you wish for a specific amount of square footage, it may cost less to build a two-story house than a one-story one of the same size. The lower cost is due to the expense of a broader foundation and roof. Two-story house plans also have many points from which to attach new rooms and outdoor structures like balconies or decks. Along with the height come better views and a larger yard. With a second story, the interior gains a level of privacy for bedrooms and offices. 

Three-Story House Plans

One or two stories may be popular, but what about a three-story house? These designs still exist and are still being built today. They can add a look of elegance and loftiness to your home. If you are building on sloped land, a third story can still give you a sense of elevation. Instead of trying to squeeze in that extra room you’d like for your dream house, a third floor could be a better option. Talk with an experienced custom home builder today about your design ideas.

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