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Benefits of Having a Basement

Benefits of Having a Basement

To have a basement or not? There are several benefits that come with one.

When looking for a house plan, what is underneath the main floor matters. While there are different types of foundations, one of the likely things you will find underfoot is a basement. If you are considering whether this would be a good option for you or not, think about the following benefits that basements have to offer.

Added Home Value

The basement is not considered livable space unless it is fully finished. If you do have a fully-finished basement, it will increase the value of your home. Your home will be more desirable and have more to offer, thus coming at a higher price.

Recreational Space

If you have a family and need a place for the kids to play indoors, the basement is one of the best places to do so. Basements are separated from the rest of the house by a level, and so give privacy between a loud party downstairs and a quiet evening upstairs. Having a basement is a fantastic way to allow parties and play privacy and you some quiet in the meantime.

Extra Living Quarters

Another way that basements come in handy is that they can be used for extra living quarters. One can add a spare bedroom and bathroom here. You can even install a kitchenette. This flexibility allows you to welcome friends and family into your home for a night’s stay. You can arrange an in-law suite or a room for rent as well.

Extra Room for Storage

Over time, things pile up. Decorations for various holidays, camping gear, games, clothes, toys, and much more can accumulate as the family grows and does different activities. A basement can conveniently provide extra storage space while leaving the rest of the house free for storing essential items.

Access to Utilities

Basements also often have room for the major appliances like the furnace, water tank, and electricity box. Instead of having to access these from the main living area, one can easily access them all through the basement. 

Place of Shelter

Basements also provide a place of shelter. In case of a hurricane or tornado, the basement is a safe place to wait out the storm. With a fully-finished space stocked well with your favorite snack and comfortable furnishings, you can hunker down in comfort and style. 

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