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Benefits of a Closed Floor Plan

Benefits of a Closed Floor Plan

Consider the advantages of a closed floor plan for your custom home.

Open plan floors have their advantages, but they are not necessarily the best match for everyone’s lifestyle. While open-concept homes have a higher resale value than closed floor plans do, these latter designs have advantages that one might consider incorporating into their home design.


How important is privacy to you? At home, you may be a family of introverts looking for some much-needed solitude. If a ground floor where the kitchen, living room, and dining room all fit into one large space, you may have a feeling that everything is a little too exposed. While the ability to close the door on every part of the house has its drawbacks, like a potentially disjointed house flow, having more rooms in which to withdraw can be an advantage.

Peace and Quiet

Not only do closed floor plans let people have visible solitude, they also provide audible solitude. More walls means that sound travels less across the house. A closed room will contain sounds better than one space in a large room. In an age where peace and quiet can be hard to come by, this design gives a homeowner a better chance of finding it.

Contained Clutter

Separate spaces do have another visual appeal, however. With closed doors, you cannot see the mess behind them. It is not every day that you can clean your clutter. In an open floor plan, messes will be constantly visible until you clean it up. If you can close the door on it until later notice, you don’t have to worry so much about the mess spreading across the house or going on a cleaning rampage before guests arrive.

Designated Spaces

Though separate rooms can contain messes, they can also house a designated purpose. It may be easier to assign each space a function when they are closed-off from one another, like an office, playroom, living room, guest bedroom, etc. You also can give a different theme to each room, making the coloration and style of each one vastly different from one another.

More Wall Space

With closed floor plans, you also have more wall space, and with more walls, you can put more things on or against them. This feature is especially helpful if you have a lot of artwork you want to display. With a custom home design provided by Viking Custom Homes in Maryland, you can adjust your home’s design to your heart’s content.

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