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Benefits of Solar Heating and Cooling

Benefits of Solar Heating and Cooling

Is solar heating and cooling something you’d consider for your home? Below are some of its benefits.

Today, people are more concerned than ever before on new ways to save on energy in the home. Thanks to technological advances in the industry, people are now able to have solar heating and cooling, among other HVAC options. Most homes in America get their HVAC power from forced-air systems, but more people are opting for solar heating and cooling. 

What Is Solar Heating and Cooling?

There are two kinds of solar power. One is passive, and the other is active. For passive solar heating, materials absorb heat from the direct sunlight. It is a principle that applies to dark roofs, sunlight coming into a house through the windows, and hot pavement. To make a room warmer, simply add sunlight. Active solar heating, meanwhile, uses a conduit to take the heat from sunlight into your home’s heating or cooling system. To make this work efficiently, though, you will need to have well-insulated ductwork. There are also different types of solar HVAC models, so be sure to look into these when you plan to install one in your home.

Save Money

The point of using solar heating and cooling is twofold: save money and save energy. Solar panels do accomplish both of these goals. However, it depends on some factors how much you will actually save financially. Electricity rates and utility rates may vary. Despite the lessened use of electricity due to your home’s solar energy, you will still get an electricity bill. As long as you are on the grid, you’ll get a bill. Even so, you can save on taxes on the federal and state levels if you use solar panels, a perk that is not insignificant. In the long run, if you ever sell your home, you can know your home will sell at a higher value because of its solar energy use. 

Save Energy

That said, the solar energy you do not use for your heating or cooling can go into the grid and back out when your home’s solar panels are not in use, like at night. You can also route the unused energy into your major appliances, like the refrigerator. Experts agree, nonetheless, that solar heating and cooling systems save not only money but also energy. Taking it from natural sunlight reduces the need to use natural gas, which can lead to a larger carbon footprint.

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