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What Size Should Your Home Be?

What Size Should Your Home Be?

What size one’s home should be is not the same for everyone. With the right questions, though, you can find yours.

From grand mansions with double staircases to the recent flock of tiny homes off the grid, people have found themselves literally at home in a vast range of spaces. How big or how wide one’s home should be has no straight answer. But in order to find the right-sized home for you, take into account several factors for deciding your perfect abode. 


The size of your home depends partly on a particular philosophy of living: on a scale of luxurious to minimalistic, where do you fall? Some may want to take advantage of more spacious living rooms and invest in that clawfoot tub. Others would rather maximize the efficiency of their home and just have the essentials. 


Another question, one that brings any superfluous dreams back to reality, is that of cost. What is your price range? While one might be able to afford a larger home with the bells and whistles, investing in a lower-priced home will give more financial flexibility. Also take into consideration the cost of heating and cooling, house maintenance, and landscape maintenance into the picture for what would work better for you.

Number of Occupants

The number of people you envision living in the house also plays a huge role. For families that are growing, planning ahead will help determine how many rooms they need per person. Some calculate their needed square footage by the number of people; if an average person might need so many square feet for himself alone, how much square footage results with the total number of occupants?

Size of the Land

The size of your land obviously has some say in how big your house can be. This involves how much of the outdoors you would like to utilize and maintain, and how close or far you would like to be from neighboring houses and/or nearby traffic. If you live on the water, you may need to keep your house a certain distance from the shoreline.

Long Term Interests

When planning such a project as a home, you will want to plan to live in it for a long time. Ten years is a minimum good amount of time to plan for, due to the transaction costs of buying and selling. The size of your home may also take into consideration, for example, how big you plan your family to become, what possessions need long term housing, and how much you want to entertain.

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