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One Level Living Makes Living Easier

One Level Living Makes Living Easier

One level living is more expansive and less expensive than you might think. Read on for the three main benefits.

In the early 2000s, large homes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms and luxury features and extras were all the rage. These days, larger homes are still marketable, made, and much enjoyed. Even so, the rise of one level living is proving beneficial for not just the convenience of the baby boomers, but also for several other crucial reasons. Read on to find out why one level living makes life easier.

Easier to Manage

A single-story home makes it easier to manage your everyday tasks. The absence of stairs is one obvious plus. One also benefits visually. A homeowner can keep track of not just their child playing in one room but the stove in the next room. Living on one floor makes it easier to be involved and aware of one’s surroundings. Another benefit is that given the small house size, there’s less cleaning to do. Living in a one level house can be an opportunity to downsize.

Easier to Sell

Large houses are becoming harder to sell, especially if they have not been freshly renovated. The expense and maintenance of a large house are unattractive to older homeowners and new or growing families. While the percentage of single level houses is significantly less on the East Coast than in other parts of the US, a single-level home can be more affordable, easier to take care of, and more desirable than a large sprawling house in today’s market.

Easier to Expand

There’s one more important factor about one level living that cannot go unsaid. Even though a house may be a single level, that does not mean it has to be small. For those who find themselves growing in the needs of their living space or have more creative, expansive ideas for their home, a one level home can be a practical way to go. With this kind of house plan, your home can more easily have additions to suit your growing lifestyle.

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