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Components of an Energy-Efficient Home Design

Components of an Energy-Efficient Home Design

Energy-efficient home design can benefit not only green homes but regular homes as well.

As we’re growing increasingly aware of the effects of our building and consumption habits on the natural world, some common components stand out as the standard for energy-efficient home design in our modern times. These factors in energy-efficient homes do not just apply to “green” homes, though. All types of houses could benefit from the following design components below.


Insulation is a necessary aspect of a good home design. No matter what energy-saving mechanisms or systems you use, they will not be truly effective unless the house has excellent insulation. Viking Custom Homes assures a fully-insulated home design for every build.


A house consumes energy in more ways than one. The type of system and material is what counts in getting savings. Three major energy outlets are the HVAC system, water, and appliances.

HVAC systems, that is, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, tend to consume the greatest amount of energy in any home, especially heating. Viking Custom Homes offers Seer heating and cooling appliances for those seeking an especially energy-saving model.

Water usage is also a big concern. The average household supposedly uses up to 400 gallons of water a day! One way to save in this area is to install a rain barrel, but there are plenty of other ways to make water usage efficient through some simple habits. For example, shower for shorter periods of time, turn on the dishwasher once it’s fully loaded, and reusing greywater to nourish the plants.

Appliances too consume much energy, from refrigerators to laundry machines to computers. While one can check for the energy consumption level their machines have, a homeowner or future homeowner can also consider the usual yet nevertheless highly efficient solar options. With the right site and southern orientation, one can utilize a passive solar and thermal solar home design.  

Flexible Design

Besides the insulation and energy consumption of a home, the floor plan also matters. A house will work as a home for a longer time if it is built to be adjustable to however many or few people live in it at a time. When spaces can easily accommodate more children, relatives, or both and be turned into another usable space at short notice, you have an efficiently-designed home.

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