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6 Great Custom Home Ideas 2019

6 Great Custom Home Ideas 2019

Custom homes come with endless creative designs to fit individual households’ needs. Here are six great ideas of 2019.

Whether your home is custom-built or part of a neighborhood plan, there are always ways you can customize it to suit your needs and make it special to your tastes. With custom home design, the possibilities are endless in what can be created and incorporated into your home. These are just six of the many great custom home ideas of 2019.

Secret Room

What is more awesome than having a secret room in your house? Whether it be a movie theater, a library, an office, or a playroom for the kids, the idea of a hidden room with a hidden-in-plain-sight door is enthralling to all ages.

Pocket Rooms and Nooks

For convenience, adding an extra space large enough to accommodate your needs can be the answer to your home needs. A walk-in closet or a walk-in office, separated from the rest of the house by a pocket door, can be just the solution. A breakfast or reading nook can add that spot for family time or solitude.


A large and customized mudroom can prove highly useful for your family and for any guests you entertain. A spacious, waterproofed mudroom can make access in and out of the house much more efficient and mess-free. Adding features such as a small shower, a laundry space, or seating can solve problems of efficiency as well.

Under-Stairs Space

The space under the staircase is often underutilized. With custom home building and remodeling, that space under your stairs can transform into a variety of rooms. Whether it becomes a storage room, an office, or a playroom is up to you. Stairs themselves can be designed in many styles, from modern to classic to rustic.

Shelving and Storage

Perhaps one of the most practical and low-key custom home ideas is built-in shelving and storage. Built-in shelving gives the feeling of a solid, strong house (though hopefully your house truly is strong and sturdy,) and provides the durable storage solution you need for years to come.

Along these lines, garages can also get the custom-treatment. For example, extra space may be necessary for hosting your vintage car, or you plan on fixing up the garage for your home business.

Bring the Outdoors In

Another way to customize is to bring the outdoors in. Incorporate skylights into a much-used but dark room, install large sliding back doors to an outdoor patio, or add a cozy, peaceful sunroom to your house. Wilder yet, you could even plant a tree within a bright, indoor living space.

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