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Ways to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

Ways to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

Keep warm this winter in your new custom home with these easy tips!

Keeping warm is a common theme this winter, as Maryland has experienced more snow and colder temperatures this year than in the last several winters. Although Maryland is a southern state, don’t be fooled! It can be frigid and freezing, too. Thankfully, there are several fantastic ways to keep your house warm in winter that you won’t want to pass up for the best efficiency and most comfort possible.

The Benefit of Having a New Home

If you are planning on moving to a new home, you’re in luck! You have the prime opportunity to buy a new construction home. What’s more, custom home building comes at a reasonable price and timeline with Viking Custom Homes in Howard, Carroll, Frederick, and Baltimore counties. If you are looking for a custom home or have a customized house, you can be sure that today’s building materials and standards are more energy efficient. You will not have to deal with leaky windows, doors, or attics.

Type of Home Heating

Ultimately, the goal of staying warm in winter is to keep each person warm rather than the whole house. However, in keeping your house warm, central heating still takes the cake in the most efficient way to heat a house thus far. A programmable thermostat can help you make the most of your central heating by optimizing running times and temperatures. Nevertheless, it certainly proves useful to have a fireplace or a wood-burning stove; nothing says heat like a real fire.

Ceiling Fan Trick

Heat rises, and there’s a way to push it down to ground level. Did you know that some ceiling fans have a winter mode? With the blades tilted and rotating in the right direction, the fan will push air down instead of upward, so the warm air near the ceiling stays closer to you.

Furniture Placement

Aside from fixtures and construction methods, furniture placement is one easy way to promote a warm home. All that’s required is to check that no furniture blocks your vents; blocked vents could disrupt the airflow and air pressure within the heating system and prevent the heat from infiltrating each room.

Window Treatments & Rugs

Walls and flooring will be well-insulated when you move into your new custom home, but window treatments and rugs can nevertheless add more insulation. With curtains open, more sunlight and thus more heat can enter your abode, but when they are drawn, cold air stays out.


A lesser-known trick, baking is one good way to keep your house warm in winter. Baking, and cooking in general, will generate heat, some of which will escape into your house. If you want to keep your house warm and have a warm cookie to eat at the same time, just start baking!

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

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