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Custom Home Design: Outdoor Living

Custom Home Design: Outdoor Living

No custom home is complete without a landscape. Read on for more details.

Spring is on its way, and with it comes enjoying the outdoors once again. When looking to build a custom home, the focus and detail go heavily into the house itself, as it should. Viking Custom Homes has numerous stylish house plans and amenities that every homeowner would love. Aside from the house itself, though, they also offer extras for outdoor living purposes. Why and what should you consider regarding this part of the property? Here’s more about it.

Why Design for Outdoor Living?

Owning a property means more than just owning a fantastic custom home. It also means you have your own land on which to sit, stroll, entertain, play, garden, etc. Spending time outside has numerous health benefits, such as a boosted immune system, better blood pressure, vitamin D exposure, and a better mood. Spending time in nature, even if that means your lawn with a tree or two, can certainly promote good health. Outdoor living features help allow families to make the most of the entire property.

Viking’s Landscape Package

Along with the many exquisite features that Viking Custom Homes provides with every custom build, their complete landscape package outfits your home with beautiful, curb-appeal-savvy greenery. Landscaping, such as sod and perennials, are necessary to prevent soil erosion. From move-in day, you’ll have a professionally-landscaped property, a feast for the eyes and joy to the soul. Contact Viking Custom Homes for more information.

Screened Porches, Sunrooms, etc.

Aside from the plants, Viking Custom Homes also provides optional outdoor living features, two of which are screened porches and sunrooms. A screened porch does not partake of the home’s heating and cooling system but may have a ceiling fan. Its screened windows allow for fresh air to flow while keeping bugs out, and with a roof overhead, one can always rest in the shade. A sunroom may or may not have central heating and cooling, but has the potential to be a two or three-season enclosure perfect for sunny or rainy days.

Patios and Decks

If you are looking to enjoy the outdoors more fully, Viking Custom Homes also offers a patio or deck. Your decision between the two will depend on your home’s design, but both offer the same abilities to host parties, lounge sets, and the all-important grill. 

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

Are you ready to bring your dream home to life? Enlist the difference of Viking Custom Homes, Maryland’s trusted home builder of high-quality single-family homes for more than three decades. With over 30 years of experience and a reputation of excellence in over five Maryland counties, we offer the highest standard of customer service and quality assurance for your new home. If you are looking to build on one of our beautiful homesite offerings or on your own lot, we are eager to help you every step of the way towards building your dream home. Let us bring your dream to life by building a home where life unfolds! Contact us online or call today at 410-977-2188 to speak with a member of our trusted team. You can also visit our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for more information.

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