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Tips on Creating a Unified Home Design

Tips on Creating a Unified Home Design

A home is not complete until its design is complete. Read on for great tips on unifying your home design.

A home needs to be strong and sturdy, able to stand through generations. A well-built home will shelter your family and stand through whatever weather comes its way. A well-built home, however, does not mean it is a beautiful home. A good home is not only structurally sound, but also a work of art. The way a home displays elements and principles of design is crucial to creating a welcoming, homey living space. The most important element to take into account is unity. Read on for tips on creating a unified home design!


The flooring of your house, from the entryway to the kitchen to the stairs, makes a huge impact on the sense of unity within your home. Floors that are broken up room by room into different woods, materials, and colors make the house feel disjointed. Having one main flooring material and color throughout your home will bond the different areas of your house together as belonging to the same living space. Every room in your house is part of a greater design, and having one flooring will significantly indicate that idea. Staircases should also be the same as or similar to the main floor.

This does not mean there is no room for variety; if you’d like tile floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, there’s no rule against that. Kitchen floors especially can be made into statement floors using a vibrant, patterned tile or a striking color. Even so, whatever variety of flooring you choose should pair well with the main flooring.


Walls are a house’s other great defining surface area. A unified home will keep wall color and texture in mind as well. While it is perfectly fine to have greatly differing wall colors per room, remember once again that all rooms belong in one house. They should, in some way, compliment each other and tie together as parts of a whole. Especially for open floor plans, complementary and analogous colors are necessary for keeping your family, guests, and yourself from getting a shock every time to walk into a different space or look across the room at a certain angle.


The details that go into a house of furniture, furniture placement, art, and style all play a role into the finished product. Choosing a theme color to show in various places throughout the house is one major way of unifying the house. Apply these tips to your design, and you’ll enjoy a unified home.

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