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How to Make an Open Floor Plan Work for You

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Are you thinking about having your new home have an open floor plan? With these tips, your new home will help to build new memories with your friends and family.

At one time open floor plans were just a trend in the housing industry. Now it’s become a staple in modern homes today. Having a home with an open floor plan means that the living room, kitchen, and dining room are combined to make one big living space. This makes it a popular design for families that have children or host family get-togethers often. In this post, we will tell you why homes with an open floor plan are in such high demand in the housing market today. 

Inclusive Setting

If your home is the destination for family holiday celebrations having a house with an open floor plan is perfect for you. By having your kitchen, living room, and dining room combined together you can continue those funny conversations with friends and family without having to leave the room to check on something cooking for example. Also, if you have small children having an open floor plan is great so you can keep an eye on them playing in the living room while you’re in the kitchen cooking dinner. Furthermore, if you have your home to yourself you can catch up on your favorite TV shows or movies while cooking or doing the dishes.  


Contrary to some people’s beliefs that open floor plan homes don’t provide enough storage space they are wrong. Making storage space in a home with an open floor plan is easier than some people think, you just have to be creative. One creative space to store items is furniture itself. Numerous companies construct furniture such as ottomans and coffee tables that double as storage space. Of course, you can add shelves and cabinets on a bare wall you may have in your home for a more conventional look as well.  

Natural Light

Having a home with an open floor plan allows natural light to enter your home. This gives your home seem like it has even more space. If you want more light to get in think about installing larger patio doors or large windows. This will allow you to enjoy the natural light and not have to turn on the lights in your home so you can perhaps save some money on your electric bill.

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