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Creating a Handicap Accessible Home

Creating a Handicap Accessible Home

Custom homes fit a whole range of lifestyles, including that of the disabled.

In custom home design, one can create a house that perfectly fits one’s lifestyle. When looking for a regular home, in some cases, what you’ll find won’t fit your criteria. This is certainly true if you or a family member live with a physical disability, as most homes are not accessibility-friendly. With a custom home, you can create a handicap accessible home of your own.

Accessible Entry

The first point of importance in a handicap accessible home is the entryway. The transition from the entry to the indoors must be as smooth as possible, with a route outside that safely leads to the driveway. A custom home builder like Viking Custom Homes can build an accessible entryway design right into the new construction.

One-Level Living

One-level, open plan living is ideal for those that need or may need to travel by wheelchair. If a family member uses a wheelchair, the house must have a minimum of a 5-foot radius at any given path point so the individual can turn around 360 degrees. A single floor plan with an open, spacious layout will avoid the need to navigate stairs or tight spaces.

Lowered Counters with Leg-Room

The goal of handicap accessible home design is to allow the individual to live as independently as possible. Independent living includes the ability to do everyday chores like preparing meals and washing up at the kitchen sink. For counters that the person will use the most, one should keep it lower than the normal height and allow for leg room underneath.

Lowered Controls

A disabled individual must also have easy access to electrical controls, including power outlets, electrical switches, thermostats, and other controls. Even if the homeowner does not presently need a wheelchair, it may be wise to position them lower for potential future needs.

Adjusted Bathrooms

In a handicapped accessible home, the two most important rooms that need modification are the kitchen and the bathroom. The bathroom must be fitted with the appropriate appliances like a handicap-friendly toilet and shower. Showers need to be curbless and graded for drainage, with a foldable bench or unobtrusive seating within it. Grab bars are optional, depending on the resident’s needs.

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

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