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Bathroom Design Trends 2021

Bathroom Design Trends 2021

With a custom home, your new bathroom is a blank canvas.

2021 is already halfway through, but there is still much more to look forward to. As Marylanders design their new custom homes, they have plenty to draw from for inspiration. One of the most critical rooms to consider is the bathroom. While it is not an outline for every new home’s bathroom, these bathroom design trends 2021 can lend some new ideas.

Spa Retreat

Naturally, homeowners are planning up their new bathrooms with a spa retreat in mind. The bathroom is becoming the average person’s go-to destination for some R&R, which means accommodating features such as soaking tubs, calming color schemes, and storage for towels, candles, etc. 

Warm Tones

The previous decades might have seen a stronger presence of cold, sterile-looking bathrooms, but the 2020s are starting to see warmer tones seep back into the design. Engineered wood flooring and warm-colored cabinetry are two ways to achieve a warmer feel.

Bolder Themes

Bathrooms tend to be simple, with white tiles on walls and floors. Not so anymore! While simple, classic bathrooms are still highly desirable, one now can embrace bolder, more eccentric themes and have it value well in the market. Whether that means putting pin-striped wallpaper on the walls, painting the walls black, or creating a jungle theme, it’s all up to you.

Black Accents

Black and white is coming back. This classic contrast works easily in the bathroom, through black and white tiles, black faucets, black-rimmed mirrors, and more. It works well for the traditional, vintage, or contemporary style.

Smart Features

Smart features are available for bathrooms too. Bathroom design trends 2021 include futuristic elements such as smart toilets, smart mirrors, smart scales, smart fans, and smart faucets. There are even smart showerheads and bath mats. One can truly begin to say in 2021 that the future has arrived.

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