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Creative Ways to Use Your Attic

Creative Ways to Use Your Attic

Take your attic to a new level in your custom home design!

The attic is often left to itself, an unfinished space stuffed with insulation and the fake Christmas tree. When designing a custom home, one has the opportunity to change the attic for the better. The possibilities are endless with this room; check out these creative, alternative ways to use your attic in your custom home.

Guest Room

Attics, whether finished or unfinished, are naturally isolated spaces, and with the right construction, you can minimize noise between one floor and another. Making the attic a guest room is an ideal way to provide comfortable lodgings with a higher level of privacy. If you include a bathroom in the design, place it as close to the home’s existing plumbing as possible.

Private Study

Meanwhile, you could also use your attic as a valued private study. Home offices are becoming more in-demand these days with the popularity of remote work, and having a private office allows for peace and quiet. It also keeps your work life in one room.


If you have children, having a dedicated playroom allows them to have all their toys in one place, rather than strewn across the house. It gives them room, literally, to be as loud and rambunctious as they like. If you don’t have a basement, you can always finish the attic.

Game Room

Likewise, the attic can replace the normal function of the basement as a game room. The attic can essentially be anything you want it to be, and what better way to use this bonus space than for watching movies or playing games?

Hobby Room

If you have a passion for one hobby or another, be it music, crafts, art, plants, or most anything else, you’ll want your custom home to have a space dedicated to it. Custom homes are meant to fit your lifestyle, and utilizing your attic in this way can add so much more to your home.

Follow the Rules

Keep in mind that attic construction must follow all building codes and rules. Your custom home builder can guide you through what needs to happen structurally to make your dream come true, and provide ideas for making the best use of your attic.

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