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Custom Home Landscaping Ideas

Custom Home Landscaping Ideas

Finish the design of your custom home with a stunning landscape.

Designing and building a custom home is an exciting process, an opportunity to have the rooms and amenities of one’s dreams. However, the land outside the house is also significant to the property. The front yard presents anyone approaching it with a serene and inviting atmosphere, while the backyard can be an oasis suited to the owners’ tastes and lifestyle. When planning a custom home, don’t forget to consider this fantastic part of your land.


Hardscaping is the first installation that goes into a property. It includes the driveway, walkway, patio or deck, retaining walls, sitting walls, outdoor kitchen, fence, etc. It consists of the foundational elements that outline the structure of your front and back yards. You can implement as few or as many features as you would like; at the very least, you will have a driveway, walkway, and a platform in the backyard. As for other elements, consider the size and layout of your land and how you might like to use the outdoor space. Viking Custom Homes offers professional landscape design and installation with every home they build so you can have the best result.


The second part of landscaping around a custom home is adding the plants. Viking’s team can help you plot out the lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, and other foliage to create a beautiful and cohesive garden. Should you want trees near your house, you will have to be careful which to plant and how close; some species can disturb the home’s foundation or pipes. Meanwhile, aim to plant native species for a low-maintenance landscape. Native plants are already adept at handling what the Maryland seasons throw at them. A custom landscape should also have evergreens to give color and plants that bloom at different points throughout the year.

Focal Points

Lastly, every stunning custom home landscape has at least one focal point. In the front yard, that may be the beautiful house. In the backyard, it could be a water feature like a pond, fountain, or birdbath, an outdoor feature like a gazebo or pergola, or a nice big tree. Alternatively, you could just enjoy one smooth, expansive lawn. Whatever your dreams, Viking Custom Homes can make it happen. 

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

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