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Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Make your custom home look its best with the best paint color selection.

The exterior of a home shows its guests the personality and style of its owners. For custom home owners, deciding on the exterior look of the home is an exciting process, the chance to put the last touches on a fully personal house design. Choosing exterior paint colors can be daunting, however; below are some tips on what to consider when customizing your home’s exterior.


Before thinking about color, think about shade. In other words, consider how light or dark you would like your house to be. Once you have the light value of your home’s exterior in place, it will be easier to choose specific colors. If you need inspiration, look up houses in your style to see what color and value schemes they have.


The roof and any stone or brick facing on your home will be more permanent than the siding; therefore, determine the colors of these before deciding on exterior paint colors. These factors will affect the warmth or coolness of your house colors. For example, if you have a partial stone facing on your home, it may give off a warm or a cool tone. Temperature can vary among any color; there are cool blues and warm blues, cool reds and warm reds. Have a paint color that has the same temperature as your roof and other elements.


Undertone refers to the hidden colors within an otherwise neutral color. A gray roof may have reddish undertones, and stone facing can have hints of orange, green, blue, etc. Whatever the undertone is, veer your paint color in that direction. If your roof or other component is truly neutral, you can choose whatever color you wish. However, an undertone can help you narrow your options.

Less Is More

Remember not to choose more than two or three colors in your exterior home design. Less is definitely more, creating a simple, unified, and effective look. Contrast is helpful when pairing trim color with siding color, and is especially stunning when applied to the front door. If any third color should come into the scheme, it often goes best on the front door. With Viking Custom Homes, your house can look its best inside and out.

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