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Top 7 Custom Home Ideas for 2020

Top 7 Custom Home Ideas for 2020

Enter 2020 with these top ideas for custom home features.

The ideas you can put into your custom home are endless, from practical ones like a larger garage to wacky ones like a secret passageway. However, of all the ways you can make a custom house your own, there are 7 that come out on top as the most convenient for your daily life for the upcoming year.

1. Mud Room

When you enter the home, you may find yourself and your family coming in from a rainy, muddy day or a swell day at the pool. While placemats may help, they can only do so much to keep the entryway from getting smitten with grime. A mud room is a practical and stylish way to take care of the mess.

2. Package Door

As families haul large amounts of groceries and receive dozens of packages from Amazon and other online retailers, it may be a challenge to swiftly move them indoors. One feature coming about is a package door, also known as a “Costco door,” which connects the garage to the kitchen. Package spaces are also an option, where you can keep your goods safe and dry.

3. Custom Storage

Storage is one of the most essential aspects of the home. If you’ve always wanted a pantry, you can finally have one in a custom home design. Kitchen storage trends include deep under-counter drawers, flip-out drawers for sponges and other kitchen tools, and under-cabinet lighting.

4. High Basement Ceiling

If you plan on having a basement in your new home, you don’t have to go with its traditionally low ceilings. It is possible to add an extra foot of height and increase the spaciousness of this underground area, making it all the more inviting.

5. Ground Floor Amenities

When planning a home, it is best to think long-term. Have an idea for how long you wish to stay in the house, and design accordingly. Also, in case someone is unable to get upstairs due to injury or another ailment, it is always practical to have a full bathroom and bedroom on the ground floor.

6. Upstairs Laundry Room

A highly popular trend is the upstairs laundry room. No more lugging baskets up and down the stairs. An upper room or closet for your washer and dryer can make a load of difference.

7. Integrated Systems

Integrating smart technology, music equipment, or even a central vacuum system in the home can unify the design from top to bottom to meet your needs. No matter what your lifestyle, it is now possible to integrate the technology for your convenience.

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