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Best Tips for Buying Land

Best Tips for Buying Land

Looking for a land to build your dream home can be a challenge. Start here with these tips!

If you’re thinking about building your dream home, you’re going to need to find the right piece of property to do so on. Buying land isn’t always the most exciting part of the home building process, but it does give you a chance to let your mind run wild with possibilities. You have to think about what area you want, the climate, how much care land needs, or any restrictions that may be in place. With all of that in mind, it’s certainly the case that you may have a tough time with this process. There are, however, some tips for making the process of buying land as easy as possible.

Work With Real Estate Agents

Not all real estate agents help their clients find new homes. Some specialize in assisting people to buy or sell land plots, unlike the typical home or commercial property real estate agent. The right agent can help you get on track with buying land and finding exactly what you’re looking for, even helping you with the entire financing process.

Look For Inexpensive Homes or “Fixer-Uppers”

These days, there are plenty of “fixer-upper” homes on the market that have a bottom-dollar price. Those homes are sometimes even cheaper than the property they sit on. It’s not always the case, but there are some instances where you can buy a cheap, run-down home, demolish it, and then use that land to build your own dream home.

Look at Local Home Prices

If you’re looking at this as an investment (and you should be), you may want to build your home in areas where other homes are built to similar standards. In other words, you don’t want to construct a home for $250,000 when all of the other homes in the area are regularly going for $700,000 or more, because it could be a hard time finding the right home buyer later on. Look for land that’s in an area suitable for your home building budget.

Don’t Forget the Costs of a Home

The cost of land is typically going to be the least expensive part of a building project. On average, you can expect to spend around $150 per square foot for a home, although that massively depends on how many bells and whistles you invest into it. You’re also going to have to worry about getting utilities if you’re on underdeveloped land, or adding a sewer system, or even a private driveway. This, plus all permits and surveys, can add big chunks of change to your final bill.

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