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How to Choose the Best Site for Your Custom Home

How to Choose the Best Site for Your Custom Home

Besides the home itself, you can customize your location to suit your needs.

Building your custom home would be a dream come true; there are many perks of having a home designed just for you and your family. The shape, layout, style, and features can form according to your own wants and needs. However, one of the most important questions concerning a custom home is, “Where are you going to put it?” Here is a simple guide on how to determine the best site for your custom home.


In Maryland, it is not as likely that you will be hundreds of miles from civilization, but consider what kind of setting you prefer if you haven’t already. Think about the consequences for lifestyle if you choose, say, the urban life over the rural life. Are you okay with being surrounded by bustling activity and always closing your blinds? Or would you rather live in a more isolated place with more wildlife? The choice is yours.


Besides how populated your location might be, the amenities you need for your lifestyle will also be critical in choosing a site for your custom home. For example, if you want to use the gym every morning, you ought to look for a property that has one within a reasonable driving distance. If you have children that are school age, check to see where the nearest school is and the quality of it. 


Also, consider what kind of people you want to surround you. Are there family or friends that you want to stay close to? Would you rather stay as far away from your relatives as possible? Are you looking to participate in certain groups located in a specific area or city? Community is a major factor in where your ideal location will be.


If you’ve determined more or less what area you’d like to call home, the type of land you choose will be your next consideration. Know that if you build your house on a slope, the build will likely be more expensive than on level ground. Also, aim high when thinking about sea-level. Higher ground is always a good place to build a home.

Soil Type

Besides the elevation and tilt of your potential property, the soil will also affect the home’s construction. If the soil is too wet, the builder may need to add proper soil to stabilize the foundation and prevent a watery basement. With the guidance of Viking Custom Homes, you can choose the best site for your custom home, inside and out.

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

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